A Fellowship Mandated

To Encourage Unity, Fellowship, and Mentorship

Welcome to our 1st Annual Holy Convocation of Word Covennt Fellowship of Churches International. We are a Christian Fellowship that embraces Churches, Ministries, Fellowships, and Pastors who acknowledge, accept, and submit to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Our presiding prelate as proclaimed the theme "Back to the Heart of God", and we have prayfully design this time to be life changing! During Holy Convocation we implore you to stedfastly seek the presence of God. We are gathered together in One Place and are on One Accord to have the wonderful priviledege of inclining God's ear.

This promises to be a time of Unity, Mentorship, Impartation, Revival, Empowerment, Encouragement, and Salvation! We encourage you to take full advantage of convocation to strenghten your walk with Christ. As we fellowship with one another, let us resist any temptation to be disjointed.

We pray you enter the presence of God with Great Expectation and leave with renewed Desire, Vision, and Passion!